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Client Testimonials: Why Dorothy Kent is the Best in the Business

Client Testimonials: Why Dorothy Kent is the Best in the Business When it comes to finding the perfect jazz/event singer for your special occasion, there are many options to choose from. Let's hear from some of Dorothy's satisfied clients who can attest to her exceptional talent and professionalism. 1.Dorothy, just a note to say how thrilled we were with your music at our wedding in May! I loved every single song that we chose, and adored the way you added your special sound to each one! It was absolutely lovely to re-listen to them when you uploaded the rehearsal video shortly afterwards. I still can't stop listening to the entrance song, it's helped me re-live the entire day. You were right about the guitarist too, he was wonderful! Jen & Paul x 2.  I had Dorothy sing at my wedding last October in Knockranny House Hotel in Westport! I cannot praise her enough! She was excellent! Dorothy has a beautiful, soulful Jazzy voice. She sang during the ceremony and afterwards until dinner started! So enjoyed them and I can highly recommend her for any occasions, especially Weddings! - Laura and John 3. Dorothy sang at our wedding on Friday - we cannot thank her enough. Dorothy's voice is just stunning. It was beautiful. And thanks so much for learning the music we wanted, it was fab. Xx These testimonials are just a glimpse into the world of Dorothy Kent and why she is considered the best in the business. Her ability to captivate audiences, create memorable experiences, and tailor her performances to fit any occasion sets her apart from the rest.

2. Check for versatility: A great jazz/event singer should be able to perform a wide range of songs and genres. Dorothy Kent's repertoire includes jazz standards, soulful ballads, and even modern pop songs, allowing her to cater to different musical preferences and create a diverse setlist. 3. Consider professionalism: When hiring a singer for your event, professionalism is key. Dorothy Kent is known for her prompt communication, attention to detail, and ability to work seamlessly with event planners and organizers. That is going to guarantee a stress free event. In conclusion whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or jazz festival, choosing Dorothy Kent as your jazz/event singer is a decision you won't regret.

Wedding singer Ireland
Wedding singer Ireland

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