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How can I book you?

Please email Or feel free to give me a call / text / WhatsApp on 0851469995 Please let me know the date, location, nature and approximate timings of your event and we can go from there.

What kind of functions do you play?

Weddings,music festivals,  corporate events, parties, clubs, restaurants, hotels, , residencies,- I'm open to just about anything, try me! : )

How long do you typically play for on drinks reception ?

Usually gig is 2 h with a small 15 in break in between sets.


What are your prices?

For all other inquiries send me as much information as possible and I will provide you with a quote.


How far are you prepared to travel?

I am based in Dublin and a large proportion of my bookings are in Dublin but I frequently venture to Kildare , Wicklow and I don’t mind traveling to any locations. I am happy to drive just about anywhere in Ireland

Traveling abroad is also an option. I have played gigs abroad.

Do you charge extra for travel?

Not usually. My standard rates apply to venues outside of Dublin, I will typically add extra into to the overall quote to account for travel cost and time but I don’t charge much for it .

What is the booking process?

1.Contact me to tell me about your event!

2. We will have a discussion by email / phone to establish your requirements, and my availability, and allow you to ask questions.

4. You will then pay a deposit, which is typically €100 to secure the date

5. Im sending you a confirmation email that I have received the deposit and that the date is yours.

Can we meet up with you before the event?

I'm always happy to discuss your event with you at length before the day. The most important thing is that you feel completely comfortable with every stage of the process.


I usually find that a Zoom call is more than adequate to cover everything.

Is there anywhere we can watch you playing live before we book?

My focus is very much on private events, but I do also play a few pub gigs in and around Dublin. You would be more than welcome to come along and watch! Just ask and I can send you a list of my upcoming public events.


Do you need a power point?​


My venue has sound level restrictions - would your performance trigger a sound limiter?​

Please do not worry about this – I will not be to loud.

Can I request a song that isn't in your repertoire?

Absolutely! This is common for wedding ceremonies and first dances.

I usually offer to learn up to two new songs for all events - so just let me know what you have in mind.

I will just need a two months’ notice to learn any new songs before the event.

What is your background ?

I come from a musical background with bought parents being musicians and I was messing on a synthesizer since I could stand up and reach up to it.


 I achieved MA in Music tech from Limerick University and I have been taking lots of masterclasses with great singers to be where I am vocally. I've been playing and recording music in some capacity for at least two decades now.

It is now ten years and counting since I became a full-time musician - and I've had so many incredible experiences.


I am constantly excited about expanding my business. As well as several artistic projects. I am currently seeking to grow the recording side of it. I am also interested in teaching/mentoring people aged from 6 who are looking to learn how to sing and get  involved in the music industry.


I have no intention of ever having a "real job" again ;)

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